It’s estimated that as many as 754 people die each year in states with mandatory helmet laws because they wore novelty helmets instead of safe headgear, which amounts to nearly one in six rider fatalities. Marketers of novelty helmets are unapologetic, dismissing safety concerns and saying they simply are accommodating consumer demand.

Source: Booming Sales of Novelty Helmets Boost Toll of Motorcycle Deaths

Coca-Cola Enterprises has already transformed its performance in regards to its refrigerators, with 85% of purchases since 2011 being HFC-free.  HFC is a harmful greenhouse gas linked to global warming, whereas HFC-free refrigerators have a minimal environmental impact.The drive to become HFC-free throughout the business forms part of CCE’s 2020 strategy of reducing carbon emissions by 15%.  The company has set a tight timetable in motion to abolish HFC fridges, boosting collaboration between the Cooler Services and procurement teams in order to faststream the process… read more

Source: Coca-Cola Enterprises to be HFC-free

Montenegro has announced national winners of the European CSR Award Scheme who will join the other winning partnerships on 25 June in Brussels for the European CSR Awards Ceremony organisad by the European Commission.Winner in the SME category – Elko Tim – has committed itself to providing better working conditions for employees, ensuring fair trade policies with partners and customers and caring for the local community and neighbourhood. The winner in large company category – insurance company UNIQA – teamed up with the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro (AYDM) to raise awareness about disabilities and promote health insurance at the same time… read more

Source: Winners of the European CSR Awards celebrated in Montenegro

A growing number of chief financial officers are increasingly involved in environmental and social initiatives that not long ago were totally divorced from their company’s income statements or balance sheets. At The Walt Disney Company, CFO Jay Rasulo says combining corporate citizenship with financial oversight “allows us to integrate our work in citizenship with the other financial strengths of the company. And if I’m successful in doing that, I believe I’ll actually create even more value for our shareholders.”

Source: At Disney and Other Companies, CFOs Help Drive Sustainability

On 5 March, Novo Nordisk launched a new project to enhance the quality and accessibility of diabetes treatment in Nigeria, where an alarming number of people are developing type 2 diabetes every day. The project is part of Novo Nordisk’s Base of the Pyramid programme (BoP) which has been established to make insulin more accessible to poor populations.To find out more, please click here(Source: Novo Nordisk) read more

Source: New project prompts easier insulin access in Nigeria

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